A Temporary Ending

Day 95: Harpers Ferry to Knoxville, Maryland, 3.8 miles. Day 96: Zero in Knoxville. Day 97: Knoxville to Gapland Road, 7.1 miles. Day 98: Gapland Road to U.S. 40, 12.3 miles. Day 99: U.S. 40 to Pen Mar County Park, 18.3 miles. Day 100: Pen Mar County Park to PA 16, 2.9 miles. Day 101: … More A Temporary Ending


Day 88: U.S. 522 (Front Royal) to Jim and Molly Denton Shelter, 5.2 miles. Day 89: Jim and Molly Denton Shelter to Ashby Gap, 14.8 miles. Day 90: Ashby Gap to Sam Moore Shelter, 10.5 miles. Day 91: Sam Moore Shelter to Bears Den Hostel, 3 miles. Day 92: Bears Den to Blackburn AT Center, … More Milestones

Intermission Q&A

My views today are a bit different than usual. They include windows, escalators, airplanes, and tons of people rushing around and looking unhappy. I’m writing this from my gate in the Charlotte airport, about to board my second flight for the day. This one ends in Sarasota, which makes me smile. When I looked up … More Intermission Q&A

Oh Shenandoah

Since my last post… Day 74: Shuttle to Spy Rock, walk back to Buena Vista, 16.3 miles. Day 75: Spy Rock to Reeds Gap, shuttle to Waynesboro, 19.8 miles. Day 76: Reeds Gap to Rockfish Gap, hitch back to Waynesboro, 19.2 miles. Day 77: Rockfish Gap to unmarked campsite near Black Rock Gap, 19.9 miles. … More Oh Shenandoah

Green Days

Day 57: Atkins, VA, to Lynn Camp Creek, 14.9 miles Day 58: Lynn Camp Creek to Jenkins Shelter, 17.9 miles Day 59: Jenkins Shelter to Jenny Knob Shelter, 23.8 miles Day 60: Jenny Knob Shelter to campsite at Big Horse Gap, 19.8 miles Day 61: Big Horse Gap to Pearisburg, VA, 12 miles Day 62: … More Green Days

Birthday Days

Since leaving Damascus… Damascus to creek campsite just past U.S. 58: 16.4 miles Campsite to Thomas Knob Shelter, 10.8 miles Thomas Knob Shelter to Hurricane Mountain Shelter, 16 miles Hurricane Mountain Shelter to Partnership Shelter, 19.7 miles Partnership Shelter to Atkins, Virginia, 11.9 miles Somewhere along the way, some of us bought into the misguided … More Birthday Days


Day 42: Zero day at cabin Day 43: Iron Mountain Gap to Roan High Knob Shelter, 13.7 miles Day 44: Roan High Knob Shelter to Overmountain Shelter, 7.1 miles Day 45: Overmountain Shelter to Mountain Harbor Bed and Breakfast, 8.7 miles Day 46: Mountain Harbor Bed and Breakfast to campsite at Upper Laurel Fork, 13.2 … More Virginia!

Mail Drops

A few of you kind souls have asked about sending care packages while I’m on the trail…to which I respond with a resounding yes and thank you. I haven’t been very good about planning ahead more than a couple days at a time, but that’s getting easier. So in my blogs, I’m going to start … More Mail Drops


Since leaving Hot Springs… Day 35: Hot Springs to Spring Mountain Shelter, 10.9 miles. Day 36: Spring Mountain Shelter to Jerry Cabin Shelter, 15.4 miles. Day 37: Jerry Cabin Shelter to unnamed campsite, 12.8 miles. Day 38: Unnamed campsite to Bald Mountain Shelter, 12.1 miles Day 39: Bald Mountain Shelter to Erwin, Tennessee, 16.4 miles. … More Tennessee