Mail Drops

A few of you kind souls have asked about sending care packages while I’m on the trail…to which I respond with a resounding yes and thank you. I haven’t been very good about planning ahead more than a couple days at a time, but that’s getting easier.

So in my blogs, I’m going to start including info for a town stop that is coming soon. For example, I know that I’ll be in Damascus, Virginia in about a week. I’ll include the earliest possible ETA (in most cases that date will be best-case scenario and will probably end up being a day or two before I actually get into town, just to be on the safe side). And I’ll include the address of a business that offers to hold mail and packages for thru-hikers. Those are preferable to post offices because of their hours, in case I get into town on a weekend or after the post office closes.

Letters and notes are awesome, and anything edible is amazing. Please keep in mind that weight is one of the top priorities for me these days…I’m more than happy to have a few extra pounds for a couple days if it means good food, but if it’s a lot I’ll be sharing the load with the folks around me.

And this part might take some of the fun out of it, but it’s important: Please let me know if you’re sending something. My plans change so much out here, and if I don’t know there’s something waiting for me I might end up bypassing the place, or at least forgetting to check for mail.

All that being said, thank you so much to those who asked about this or those who have been thinking about it. And to everyone else, thank you again for the calls, texts, comments and emails that have kept me moving forward.

Here’s the address for the stop in Damascus and the general format for having packages held:

Beau Denton
C/O Mt. Rogers Outfitters
PO Box 546
110 W. Laurel Ave.
Damascus, VA. 24236
Please hold for AT thru-hiker
ETA April 24, 2014

5 thoughts on “Mail Drops

  1. Beau —

    You are doing so well and have mastered all the necessary skills, including the art of Yogi, such as soliciting goodies in mail drops. I have no doubt that you will make it all the way. I can’t wait to see what’s left of you when our paths cross in Virginia in a month. You have lost so much weight already. Please don’t forget to eat! Your job now, aside from walking, is eating. If the HUNGER hasn’t set in yet, it soon will. When you dream about food and fantasize about a picnic just around the next bend, around every bend and over every hill. When you get up from an AYCE buffet and are still hungry. Food, glorious food, would be a great topic for your blog. I’m hoping we meet up in Daleville. Dibs on taking you and your trail family to Three Little Pigs for an orgy of BBQ.

    1. Amazing. Thanks for the encouragement…and for approving my yogi moment. I felt awkward posting this, but people really had been asking.

      The hunger has definitely kicked in. I’ve already moved from being excited about losing weight to being concerned about eating enough…which has meant a ton lately. I told Tank and J-Rex about barbecue, and they’re excited. We’ll definitely try to make it work.

  2. Beau,

    So proud and envious of your adventure. I love reading the tales, and I too have no doubt you’ll make it the distance. Keep it up!

  3. Beau~ Sorry we missed your birthday, so proud of who are, what you are doing and we know you will finish. Prayers with you. A verse that has meant a lot to me in some of the hard places- “Let us not lose heart in doing good (finishing what we started) for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.” Blessings, bob and marilyn in Bradenton

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