A Day Away

Sorry for the silence here. I’m on the tail end of the craziest week of my life. There’s barely been enough time for packing and last visits with friends, so blogging has taken a back seat. …Until now. I’m about to drive through the night to Georgia with my sister, and then we’ll catch an … More A Day Away


Happy New Year, friends. All my resolutions for 2014 are wrapped up in this one overarching goal: to walk about 5 million steps from Georgia to Maine and spend half of the year in the woods. This, hiking the Appalachian Trail, has been a dream of mine since I was about 10. It stayed mostly … More 2014

Happy here

Image from sarasotamagazine.com. I have a friend who, once a week or so, sends me an ominously straightforward text, something along these lines: “10 days.” “15 days.” “25 days.” “A month!” The reverse countdown is a running tally of the amount of time since I’ve last posted here. This thing is like a pet that’s … More Happy here


My last post was about the Fourth of July. Not even two months in, and I’m already neglecting this thing. So here are some quick highlights of the past week or so…I’ll have something more substantive by the weekend, I promise hopefully. My friend Connor got married on Saturday, which was wonderful, and now wedding … More Highlights

Blog Time Fun Time

I realized recently that it’s been almost three years since the last time I did any writing outside of work, besides random thoughts in a notebook. I love getting paid to work with words every day, even when it’s just summarizing press releases for a newsletter, but I miss the freedom and the sense of … More Blog Time Fun Time