Water Towers & Graffiti

Water tower sky

I’m the type of person who, after deciding to start a new blog, might spend about a week thinking of potential titles, stressed that none of them seem quite perfect, before eventually getting distracted and abandoning the whole idea. So this time I decided to go with the first thing that came to mind. I might regret it, but the URL’s set (someone should go tell this guy to stop using my name), so here we go.

Here’s my not-fully-fleshed-out reasoning so far: I’m fascinated by water towers as icons of place, geographical fixtures that serve as landmarks and giant, towering reminders of home. And I like the idea of scribbling something new that might leave a mark on something old. (If you came here looking for literal graffiti on water towers, I’m terribly sorry.)

Also, water towers remind me of this song, which is all about home and makes me very, very happy, and one of my absolute favorite Dad stories, which I’ll be sure to tell you at some point.

One thought on “Water Towers & Graffiti

  1. Love this, Beau. Ironically enough, as I walked out of the gast station yesterday, I stopped for a few moments and gazed up at that water tower. Of course, my first thought was of Dad – which brought a smile – and then I actually thought about the utility of water towers and the scope of who and what they serve. Rather impressive structures, really. Point is, I’m glad we share an appreciation of water towers.

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