Blog Time Fun Time

I realized recently that it’s been almost three years since the last time I did any writing outside of work, besides random thoughts in a notebook. I love getting paid to work with words every day, even when it’s just summarizing press releases for a newsletter, but I miss the freedom and the sense of relief that comes with writing about anything I want, whenever I want, for whatever reasons I want.

I miss the challenge, too. I think the routine of daily newsletters and monthly departments sometimes means writing in formulas, and a blank space with no guidelines and no style restrictions is good exercise.

I have no idea what this will be about. With Myspace, I was the self-imagined smartest person in the world, looking to impart my wisdom on the masses. After a break for a year or so, I moved to Blogspot, where I kept friends and family updated while I traveled and lived on the other side of the country. (You can still read that one here, and I might be re-sharing some of those posts in the future.)

But this time, three years later, I don’t have a plan yet. I no longer feel like I have any particular wisdom to share, and since most of my friends and family are on this side of the country now, there’s no need for those old novel-length travel updates. I expect mostly little stories about things I notice (or eavesdropped conversations), or some thoughts about whatever I’m enjoying at the moment.

I know that’s vague, but it’ll be fun. I promise.

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