My last post was about the Fourth of July. Not even two months in, and I’m already neglecting this thing. So here are some quick highlights of the past week or so…I’ll have something more substantive by the weekend, I promise hopefully.

My friend Connor got married on Saturday, which was wonderful, and now wedding season is officially underway. Three to go before October. But I got asked out by a lady in her 60s a couple weeks ago, so, you know…I’m on the right track.

MailChimp sent a surprise gift today. That’s the champion pictured above, who helped make my Monday awesome. If you ever need to do any kind of mass emailing, you won’t regret working with those guys.

I’ve re-discovered Q with Jian Ghomeshi recently, and it’s gone from a show that makes me linger in my car every once in a while to one that I actually seek out. He asks smart, thoughtful questions and unashamedly praises the things that inspire him. He’s not afraid to have an opinion, either, and often says things I wish I had thought to say first (I almost linked to his essay on the Zimmerman trial, but I think that pot’s been stirred enough for now). Weeknights at 8 on 89.7 for you local folk.

Pacific Rim made me feel like a kid. A giddy, awe-struck kid. When you’ve got Stringer Bell playing a guy named Stacker Pentecost, you know you’re on the right track.

We have an office-wide cleaning day coming up. So in those rare moments when I think I should tidy my desk, I just decide to wait until then…I guess it’ll make the effort more noticeable. I’ve been trying to mentally reconcile my physical workspace, with the unnecessary clutter and the haphazard sticky notes, with my digital workspace, which is all folders, categories and Inbox Zero. There’s a disconnect there that I haven’t wrapped my head around yet.

I guess that last one’s not really a highlight, just something I’m thinking about. That’s all for now.

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