A Day Away

Sorry for the silence here. I’m on the tail end of the craziest week of my life. There’s barely been enough time for packing and last visits with friends, so blogging has taken a back seat.

…Until now. I’m about to drive through the night to Georgia with my sister, and then we’ll catch an early breakfast with some friends before she drops me off at the trail. Next time I write something here I’ll have completed the first few days out there, so I’ll have a better understanding of whether this is one of my best adventures or one of my greatest mistakes…I’ll let you know what I decide.

There was so much I wanted to write here about the prep and my thought process leading up to the hike. There just hasn’t been time…I was planning on getting a haircut, too, and that didn’t happen either.

So goodnight for now, and goodbye. Happy trails.

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