Stray Observations

I’m perfecting my “Look how beautiful it is” gaze for when I stop to catch my breath and let someone pass. They think I’m being all contemplative and stuff, really I’m just trying not to die. I am becoming an expert at snot rockets. Wednesday was the first night I had to break out my … More Stray Observations

Week One

There’s a funny scene in the first or second episode of Orange is the New Black, when one of the other inmates laughs at Piper for thinking she knows what to expect from life in prison because she’s read books about jail. I’ve been thinking about that this week because, no matter how much I … More Week One

A Day Away

Sorry for the silence here. I’m on the tail end of the craziest week of my life. There’s barely been enough time for packing and last visits with friends, so blogging has taken a back seat. …Until now. I’m about to drive through the night to Georgia with my sister, and then we’ll catch an … More A Day Away