The other day a Bradenton friend called and asked if I wanted to grab lunch. While my normal answer would be a resounding yes, especially since the invitation involved Chipotle, I had to inform him that I no longer live in Bradenton…that, in fact, I am about as far away as I can possibly get … More Seattle

Happy here

Image from I have a friend who, once a week or so, sends me an ominously straightforward text, something along these lines: “10 days.” “15 days.” “25 days.” “A month!” The reverse countdown is a running tally of the amount of time since I’ve last posted here. This thing is like a pet that’s … More Happy here


My last post was about the Fourth of July. Not even two months in, and I’m already neglecting this thing. So here are some quick highlights of the past week or so…I’ll have something more substantive by the weekend, I promise hopefully. My friend Connor got married on Saturday, which was wonderful, and now wedding … More Highlights