Intermission Q&A

My views today are a bit different than usual. They include windows, escalators, airplanes, and tons of people rushing around and looking unhappy. I’m writing this from my gate in the Charlotte airport, about to board my second flight for the day. This one ends in Sarasota, which makes me smile. When I looked up … More Intermission Q&A

Oh Shenandoah

Since my last post… Day 74: Shuttle to Spy Rock, walk back to Buena Vista, 16.3 miles. Day 75: Spy Rock to Reeds Gap, shuttle to Waynesboro, 19.8 miles. Day 76: Reeds Gap to Rockfish Gap, hitch back to Waynesboro, 19.2 miles. Day 77: Rockfish Gap to unmarked campsite near Black Rock Gap, 19.9 miles. … More Oh Shenandoah